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Don't go to the Senior Courts Costs Office

By on Jun 11, 2012 | 2 comments

If you want to go to the Senior Courts Costs Office, don’t. Because, of course, the Senior Courts Costs Office has now moved. It is now located in the Thomas More Building within the Royal Court of Justice complex.

To get there you will need to go into the main entrance of the Royal Court of Justice. That is the huge gothic building located on The Strand and the entrance is the one that always appears on the evening news, usually surrounded by a scrum of protesters and journalists. On entering the building you will need to go through the metal detectors and past security. (Sorry, no single sleepy security guard here.) Allow extra time to get through security. Once past security, walk all the way to the end of the Great Hall. Go up the short flight of stairs. Turn left and walk to the end of the corridor until you come out of the building. You will now be faced by another building which is linked overhead to the one you have just come out of. Ignore the new building and walk all the way around it until you get to the other side. You will now see ahead of you a modern squarish 11 storey building. That is the Thomas More Building. The Senior Courts Costs Office is located on floors 6, 7 and 8.

After that, you are on your own.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if instead of cosy chambers you find yourself in a large courtroom with the costs judge sitting on a throne 20 feet above you.