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By on Jul 19, 2010 | 6 comments

Last week I attended a couple of functions hosted by chambers that specialise in legal costs. The first event was Hailsham Chambers Annual Costs Group Seminar. The second was 39 Essex Street’s Summer Garden Party.

At the first event I met a perfectly charming young lady who said, and I’m obviously paraphrasing for comedy effect, “Oh my God! You’re Simon Gibbs who writes the Legal Costs Blog. I can’t believe I’m really talking to you”.

At the second event I met another perfectly charming young lady who said, and this time I don’t need to paraphrase for comedy effect, “Oh my God! You’re Simon Gibbs who writes the Legal Costs Blog. I can’t believe I’m really talking to you. You’re a guru of the legal costs world”.

Now, I don’t know what surprised me most:

1. That there appear to be as many as two people who regularly read the Legal Costs Blog; or
2. That I have somehow managed to acquire groupies.

I guess there’s a surprisingly fine line between something being flattering and something being just a little bit creepy.

Anyway, given the massive popularity of the Legal Costs Blog, the next logical step is to make available t-shirts so fans can show their support. We’ve put together the following selection. Unfortunately, we’re still working on the online ordering system so you’ll have to email to enquire about sizes and pricing.

The t-shirts have our brand new Legal Costs Blog logo on the rear and one of the following slogans on the front:


"I instructed specialist costs counsel to attend the SCCO and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

"Costs Lawyer v Accountant. That’s a slap fight I’d pay to see"

"I spend 90% of my life drafting bills of costs and reading the Legal Costs Blog. The rest is just wasted"

"Pay peanuts, get costs monkeys"

"Those law costs draftsmen who think they know it all are an annoyance to those of us who do"

"Two costs draftsmen in the same room is a detailed assessment. Three is a party"

"I’m also authorised to administer oaths"

"That reminds me about a really interesting story about a costs case I once had…"

"Bring back the Conditional Fee Agreement Regulations 2000!"

"What do I do for a living? I’m glad you asked me that…"

"I think you’ll find that would be a breach of the indemnity principle"

"I hvae no pbmolers dartnifg atarcuce blils of ctsos aeftr dkniinrg tne pntis of lgraer"

"1st November 2005: The day a little something in me died"

"Satellite litigation rocks!"



  1. Excellent – I would pay for one of these.
    I look forward to receiving your bill of costs in relation to my order.


    19th July 2010

  2. Purely for the comedy, may I propose a Defendant/Claimant pair:

    “Team Claimant: helping solicitors work 36/8!”


    “Team Defendant: where ‘reductio ad absurdam’ still means something!”


    19th July 2010

  3. Amazing. I’d like a couple please!


    19th July 2010

  4. What a truly smashing idea!

    The Legal Costs Blog rocks man!

    Hmmmm…now how to decide what T-shirt to buy..

    Micheal Tyler

    30th July 2010

  5. Are they available in Emerald Green?????

    Colum Magee

    15th May 2012


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