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More Legal Costs Blog branded t-shirts

By on Aug 6, 2010 | 5 comments

Our newly launched Legal Costs Blog branded range of t-shirts has been an instant hit with orders flying off the shelf. We are delighted to be able to announce that a further selection of designs is now available.  As before, the t-shirts have our brand new Legal Costs Blog logo on the rear and one of the following slogans on the front:

“Actually, I think you’ll find it was Lord Scott who gave the dissenting judgment in Callery v Gray”

“The Legal Costs Blog is very educational. After reading it for 30 minutes I thought: ‘Well, that taught me a lesson'”

“If legal costs disputes are really so complicated why did God create costs muppets? Or was that the work of the devil?”

“What do you mean: ‘unreported decision’? It’s reported in Costs Law Reports

“My teachers said I’d never amount to anything. I’ve just qualified as a Costs Lawyer.  Who’s laughing now?

“Define ‘fraudulent claim for costs'”

“So many courts to go to, so many judges to annoy, so little time”

“It’s sort of like being an accountant but with less obvious value to humanity”

“Grade C fee earner? Can you be a little more specific?”

“I read the Legal Costs Blog. I’m none the wiser but I am better informed.

“Specialist costs counsel kick sand in the face of specialist tax counsel”

“No, I’m fine. I work in legal costs. I always look this miserable”

“Five out of four costs negotiators don’t understand fractions”

“Litigant-in-person you say? If you’ll just leave your telephone number I’ll make sure someone gets back to you”

“My boss read all 663 pages of the Preliminary Jackson Report plus appendices and all 557 pages of the Final Jackson Report and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

“Who’s Lord Justice Jackson?”

A couple of the fee earners at Gibbs Wyatt Stone have kindly agreed to model one of our earlier t-shirt designs (thank you Bianca and Chantelle):




  1. and now we see the reason(s) why Mr Gibbs is the happiest costs lawyer in the country 😛


    6th August 2010

  2. I’ll eat my White Book if they work at GWS…

    Pete B

    6th August 2010

  3. Careful one is my sister and the other my Wife!


    16th December 2011

  4. do i get one with a t shirt……………


    16th December 2011

  5. i’d rather one without


    14th August 2012


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