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The next costs QC?

By on Nov 12, 2010 | 2 comments

Dominic Regan’s Blog tips Mark Friston as one of a handful of spectacular prospects at the junior bar who will soon become silks.

Dr Friston is also about to be elevated to Costs Lawyer status.  I wonder which prospect excites him most.


  1. Both qualifications appear easier than ever to attain;-) I mean if all I had to do was write half a million words …

    Andy Ellis

    12th November 2010

  2. Even costs draftsman see the costs lawyer ‘qualification’ as a joke. Seriously guys, until you need to pass an exam to qualify or an assessment at least you will never be taken seriously.

    Your other problem is that some of the finest costs draftsmen aren’t even in the ALCD.

    Defendant solicitor

    12th November 2010

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