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DraftMeABill™ software release

By on Apr 1, 2011 | 13 comments

Lord Justice Jackson’s Review of Civil Litigation Costs recommendations included one that “software should be developed which will … automatically generate schedules for summary assessment or bills for detailed assessment”.

Some software developers have already started to produce software that will semi-automatically generate bills. Unfortunately, such software requires synchronisation with expensive case-management software and relies on fee earners accurately time recording.

The Legal Costs Blog is therefore delighted to announce the launch of DraftMeABill™. This ground-breaking software produces absolutely all types of costs schedule and bills of costs in all relevant formats, including Precedent H, three, four or six column bills, CLS, inter partes and inter partes/CLS varieties, etc. All bills come with a full narrative of the claim to give an assessing court an appropriate synopsis highlighting any areas of difficulty justifying additional costs, higher hourly rate, etc.

Bills are generated with our patented one-click DraftMeABill™ technology. Just click the DraftMeABill™ on-screen icon and a complete schedule or bill of costs is automatically and randomly generated. These are generated entirely independently of any case management software. The fee earner just needs to check it meets their requirements, print-off and sign. In the event the schedule or bill is not 100% appropriate, the fee earner just needs to click the DraftMeABill™ icon and a different bill will be generated. In no more than a few quick clicks* a 100% accurate bill will have been produced.

This product will save solicitors tens of thousands of pounds in expensive law costs draftsmen’s fees and free fee earners from the need to laboriously time record every task.

This product will be shipping shortly but readers of the Legal Costs Blog can secure a 25% reduction on the launch price simply by leaving their full name on the Comments section of the Blog with the wording: “Yes, you’ve got me”. Expressing an interest at this stage will not commit you to purchasing in due course. Unfortunately, this pre-launch offer is open for today only.

*Results may vary.


  1. Enter into the spirit Andrew…

    Yes, you’ve got me

    Presumably, in these days of increasing budgets and estimates, the software could be adapted to forecast costs too. Enter a string of meaningless data and bang out a random and inaccurate estimate at the end.

    Still further, perhaps a partnership with and assessments will be automated too.

    Better still, the Dispute Resolution App on Facebook, enter details of your dispute, your opponent does likewise and it calculates your “degree of success” using a sliding scale and produces a pie-chart. You know the sort of thing:

    “Simon has been 53.7% successful”

    and underneath

    “Anonymous likes this”


    Glenn Newberry

    1st April 2011

  2. One has to admit such light hearted humour after these past few weeks on this blog is quite refreshing. Well done Simon – see you can find the time if you so choose!!

    Andrew Brasher

    1st April 2011

  3. Just one problem with that Glenn, I’m not mates with Simon on facebook, good April fools though. I enjoyed the blog a couple of days ago, 35 comments clearly caused a bit of a stir, I noticed some people got defensive of Mr Gibbs. How the tables turned, after all its only a bit of tongue in cheek humour isn’t it 😉

    Anonymous (FTF)

    1st April 2011

  4. “Just one problem with that Glenn, I’m not mates with Simon on facebook”

    Well you might be, how would anyone know?

    Glenn Newberry

    1st April 2011

  5. Because there is nobody on his friends list called Anonymous 😉

    Anonymous (FTF)

    1st April 2011

  6. Dear Mr Gibbs,

    As an unregistered, backstreet (psst mate want a bill of costs), type of costs draftsman, I would certainly be interested in your software, as I know nothing about cost drafting.

    By the way I don’t suppose it’s you who produce the “DraftMePointsofDispute™” software that many costs draftsmen, sorry I mean cost lawyers use, as I would also like to purchase this and its associated software “DraftMeResponsestoPOD”.

    Yours sincerely

    A. N. Onymous FACM


    1st April 2011

  7. Youve got me :0) i currently use IDraft – but it does ave its drawbacks – so this shoudl be interesting as the way the article reads this new software practically does the whole bill including the narrative … mmm only time will tell…


    1st April 2011

  8. very droll

    roots manoova

    1st April 2011

  9. You have got me although I suspect that this is an April Fools prank. It is worth looking an idiot just in case not

    Kevyn Thompson

    1st April 2011

  10. Re “DraftMePointsofDispute™” I suspect Simon created this in a previous life judging by the standard points we used to receive from his firm which bore no relation to the case 🙂


    1st April 2011

  11. OMG !!!! come on people !!! get a grip !


    1st April 2011

  12. You all must have nothing better to do!How the hell could you all fall for that!

    Gary Stevens

    5th April 2011

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