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Costs draftsmen romance

By on May 20, 2011 | 3 comments

Jennifer James writing in the New Law Journal on love and the law:

“Work colleagues who get together in what they alone believe to be a secret affair (while everyone else is placing bets on how it will end) are just one example; barristers and/or solicitors becoming entangled, sometimes literally, with experts, clients and (less often) costs draftsmen, are another.”

“Less often”. Speak for yourself love.



  1. Filed under costs draftsmen – with Anon’s recent comment “The same seems to be the approach to choosing draftsmen – big = better”?!

    Jon Williams

    20th May 2011

  2. Thanks Jon, dont mean to brag…………….


    20th May 2011

  3. “and (less often) costs draftsmen”

    Presumably because there are fewer costs draftsmen to go around!

    Form an orderly queue…


    26th May 2011

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