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Above the law

By on Oct 19, 2011 | 11 comments

I recently received, from a well-known firm of claimant lawyers, a set of Replies. In support of the Replies and the refusal to disclose the conditional fee agreements was a statement from the managing partner of the firm. This explanation included the following:

“Defendants’ request for early disclosure of our CFAs is made in an attempt to avoid their obligations to pay costs on a technicality. I find this approach utterly wrong and certainly not in the spirit litigation should be conducted.”

I suppose the “technicality” referred to is what some of us like to refer to as “the law”.

Only lawyers who make their living holding others to account to the full extent permitted by the law would believe that the law is something that applies to everyone but themselves.


  1. Now THAT is a funny one; wonder whether his argument will work….

    What i find truely remarkable is that firms can still get a CFA wrong – it’s not difficult. And it’s even less difficult to get some advice from someone who knows even if you do struggle


    19th October 2011

  2. It’s more difficult than spelling. clearly.

    Or am I being crul?


    19th October 2011

  3. the MP can’t be that busy at work if finds time to do own Replies


    19th October 2011

  4. wow – interesting cnotribution (like it matters, it’s a blog comments thread ffs)


    19th October 2011

  5. Is it a pre- or post-Nov 2005 CFA?


    20th October 2011

  6. Only a cost muppet from Leeds would write ffs on a respectable blog.

    Truly Eminent Costs Professional

    20th October 2011

  7. Respectable, looool.


    20th October 2011

  8. Post-2005, which makes even less sense. What are they worried they may have got wrong?

    Simon Gibbs

    20th October 2011

  9. In an increasingly cynical world, it is wonderful to see Anonymous sending Simon lots of love.

    I am filling up, sob.

    Cockney Rebel

    20th October 2011

  10. Sorry if i offended, Mr Eminent.


    21st October 2011

  11. Simon
    As an Australian costs lawyer, I recommend you watch a lovely Australian movie “The Castle” where the incompetent lawyer relies on “the vibe”. Unfortunately, too often Australian cost lawyers seek to utilize the vibe – looks like the trend is spreading to the UK!

    Liz Harris

    21st October 2011

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