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By on Feb 23, 2012 | 5 comments

Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC writing in the New Law Journal:

“In short, what the elaborate structure of assessment comes down to, is not to keep costs down to a reasonable level, but to determine a market rate. In reality, it does not even do that. At best, it is an imperfect means of limiting dishonest claims.”


  1. Amazing arrogance. Actually not so amazing, just arrogance.

    Andy Ellis

    24th February 2012

  2. Amazing honesty actually…


    24th February 2012

  3. So they’ve done away with the one way cost shifting, have they? Oops, i hadn’t noticed that.


    24th February 2012

  4. The second sentence is an unfair generalisation. I wonder if Sir Geoffrey’s involvement with the feeding frenzy which was the Bloody Sunday enquiry has tainted his opinion on costs.

    Magnum PI

    24th February 2012

  5. I don’t read it like that. It’s a bit like saying that there are a load of dishonest (which is a strong word) lawyers out there (OBVIOUSLY NOT US THOUGH – WE ARE A BEACON OF RESTRAINT AND TRANSPARENCY).

    Which of course they may well be. But dissing everyone else pretty much is a shabby self-aggrandisement

    Andy Ellis

    24th February 2012

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