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Without prejudice to negligence

By on Apr 12, 2012 | 2 comments

Schedule of costs from claimant law costs draftsmen with the added proviso:

“Any error/omissions herein of any nature are excluded from any Agreement reached pursuant to this schedule”.

Strangely, I’m not prepared to negotiate on that basis.


  1. That is astounding. Heaven forbid that they actually, oh, I don’t know, check the schedule they’ve submitted.

    Reminds me of the letters I frequently see from a certain C/D which read:

    “Further to our recent communications, we can confirm agreement of our claim for costs in the global sum of £XXX.


    Please note that any errors or omissions are excepted from this agreement.”

    Beggars belief, really.


    12th April 2012

  2. Just send then back with a polite note stating, “as your schedule of costs may contain errors and omissions, we return same and look forward to receiving a schedule that does not contain any errors or omissions.”


    13th April 2012

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