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The true cost of bringing a legal claim

By on Jul 10, 2012 | 4 comments

Deborah Evans, chief executive of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, writing in the New Law Journal, stated:

“The truth is, only claimant lawyers know the true cost of bringing valid claims.”

This is a startlingly frank admission and proves what I have long suspected: claimant bills of costs are unlikely to give any clue as to the work actually done on a claim.


  1. Only my local car mechanic knows the true cost of fixing my car. So what. I pay him his reasonable fees.

    Pete B

    10th July 2012

  2. I’m fairly certain my local mechanic makes up a large portion of his fees and I ultimately get ripped off.

    Thankfully, he doesn’t get an uplift based on the grossly overstated complexity of fixing the head gasket.


    10th July 2012

  3. Have you ever tried to replace a head gasket? Damn tricky, I can assure you. And if you’re replacing it on a Bentley V8, it’s a whole different story from a Ford Focus, as the price will reflect.

    Jonathan James

    10th July 2012

  4. Yawn, Simon


    11th July 2012

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