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  1. The number of opponents also forgetting that these same rules apply when Counsel seeks a success fee is also surprisingly high.


    29th May 2013

  2. And also Defendants. And then seek to withdraw the N252 when taken to task. Nice try …


    29th May 2013

  3. I actually had a Solicitor write to me in January and say that the costs practice directions did not apply to barristers. Seriously.


    29th May 2013

  4. @ Anon – 32.5(1)(d)? Which expressly mentions solicitors?

    Robert Pettitt

    29th May 2013

  5. The statement referred to in 32.5(1)(d) is required so as to enable the paying party and the court to determine the level of risk undertaken by the solicitor.

    What risk is taken by the solicitor in a CFA with Counsel?


    3rd June 2013

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