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Speling misstakes

By on Aug 5, 2013 | 3 comments

News article from The Telegraph:

“Lessons in spelling ‘have no place in 21st century schools’. Schools should stop providing lessons in spelling and grammar because children can correct linguistic errors on their mobile phones, according to a leading academic.”

In that case, I wish rather more readers of the Legal Costs Blog posted their comments using their mobile phones.


  1. I think there is definitely some value in this.

    I for one have noticed in the egotistical world of costs that much emphasis is placed on grammar, speaking properly and generally being a bit pretentious.

    This is not a dig at costs lawyers by the way, there are some huge egos on both sides.

    A lot of draftsmen in the city are Essex wide boys or barrow boys and I know some have even taken elocution lessons!

    Still I suppose you have to try and distinguish yourself when it is so easy for any tom dick or harry to just pick up a calculator and prepare an accurate bill of costs from scratch!


    5th August 2013

  2. tbh, eye h8 the eye dear. Scrap, init.


    5th August 2013

  3. “Speling misstakes” – How very drool ;).


    5th August 2013

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