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Unfair charging method

By on Oct 16, 2013 | 6 comments

I’ve just reduced a Claimant’s claim for costs of £147,776.24 to £75,000 and submitted my invoice for £153.40 plus VAT.

I should be charging on a % savings basis.


  1. nice self plug

    one wonders how much was down to simple rates and success fees


    16th October 2013

  2. An interesting posting from Simon and an excellent result.

    He obviously didn`t read what must have been a large client file.

    Was that wise?


    16th October 2013

  3. I would guess you are working on an hourly rate and have settled this well before Points of Dispute?

    Cases like this are fantastic for % of saving agreements but sometimes you do get the smaller ones that require extensive work and end up putting you at a loss! So maybe that’s a saving grace?


    16th October 2013

  4. Ahmed v Powell anyone?…

    Think that was probably Simon’s point.


    16th October 2013

  5. I like to describe myself as ”reassuringly expensive”


    16th October 2013

  6. Many years ago, pre Ahmed, we reduced a bill from £655,000 to £60,000 and we charged 15% of saving. Oh they were happy days!!!! Simon u really must increase your charge out rate! Now tell us about the ones you lost and cost your clients dearly!!


    16th October 2013

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