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Cap for provisional assessment costs

By on May 16, 2014 | 6 comments

District Judge Marshall Phillips commenting at the Association of Costs Lawyers’ Annual Conference on the £1,500 cap for provisional assessment, stated that he would normally allow less for a £15,000 bill than a £70,000 bill.

This is sensible as the £1,500 is a maximum, not a minimum or fixed, amount.


  1. why did he even need to comment?

    either the level of work undertaken is reasonable or it isn’t

    The value of the bill is immaterial


    16th May 2014

  2. This is an incredible revelation for all!!

    Keep up the good work.


    16th May 2014

  3. Proportionality is the buzz word

    Melanie Vickery

    16th May 2014

  4. The last 3 blogs “headline posts” from the CLowns Conf, prove 2 things;-

    1. CLowns are now so vainglorious, whenever anything is said they squawk “its news! its news! we said it so its news!”

    2. The everlasting consistency of inconsistency, remains alive and well post-Jackson, and will provide revenue streams ad infinitum for those smart enough to follow them, and not too busy squawking about non-news


    16th May 2014

  5. This confirms my view that the ACL weekend is a waste of time – the only reason to go would be load up on CPD points. Thinking of not renewing next year.


    16th May 2014

  6. Like so many other Clowns on here, if Simon says something on his blog then it obviously correct and we must then copy and paste what he tells us in to the points of dispute! So many ‘big’ defendant solicitors follow like sheep!

    Costs Master

    16th May 2014

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