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By on Jul 6, 2016 | 3 comments

I recently received a marketing email from a legal publisher offering 30% of all their looseleaf titles including Greenslade on Costs.

I cannot remember the last time I saw anyone (be they costs judge, counsel, costs lawyer or law costs draftsman) refer to Greenslade or Butterworths Costs Service.

Now, these are both fairly expensive looseleaf publications to buy and must be expensive to the publishers to produce.  But do any practitioners currently use them or do they just lie unread gathering dust in law libraries?


  1. Have not looked at either for years and years. Used to have Cook on Costs; however, now use Mark Friston’s. Plus of course the internettywebbythingy (oh and your excellent blog!, though I looking forward to the day that it’s quoted at me in a detailed assessment or points of dispute).


    6th July 2016

  2. no use for them everything available usually free elsewhere

    brian varney

    6th July 2016

  3. Yeah but what use are textbooks when the rules useless?


    7th July 2016

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