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Grade D fee earner’s time

By on Apr 10, 2017 | 4 comments

Response received from well-known claimant costs firm:

“We can confirm the fee earner was in fact a Grade D fee earner.

Therefore we have applied more time throughout given the above.”

Any suggestions as to an innocent explanation as what this is intended to mean gratefully received.


  1. Pure ignorance and excessive time! Clearly expediency only comes with a grade A with qualifications!


    10th April 2017

  2. “Applied more time” in their assessment of what was a reasonable valuation/overall time to spend?

    Dominic Finn

    10th April 2017

  3. Curious- was this in respect of a cost budget or a Bill of Costs?

    Money for Nothing

    10th April 2017

  4. Money for Nothing,

    A Bill. Obviously, no problem “estimating” that a lower grade may require more time than a more senior fee earner. This concerned what time had “actually” been incurred.

    Simon Gibbs

    10th April 2017

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