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Fixed fees across the fast-track

By on Nov 20, 2012 | 40 comments

The Government has announced its proposals for the new fee structure for the extended RTA portal, which will now cover RTA claims up to £25,000 and also EL and PL claims.

As anticipated/feared this will be dramatically lower than current levels with the fee for RTA cases worth up to £10,000 falling from £1,200 to £500. For RTA claims worth between £10,000 and £25,000 the fee will be £800.

In respect of EL and PL claims, the proposed figures are £900 for cases up to £10,000 and £1,600 for cases up to £1,600.

If that were not dramatic enough fee, arguably, the even more significant announcement is a set of fixed fees for claims that exit the portal. The absence of fixed fees in this area has always been the glaring omission in the plans to control costs. Lord Justice Jackson’s proposals and are now going to be implemented virtually in full.

Fixed fees across the fast-track come April 2013.