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Dr Friston's Civil Costs – A short teaser

By on Feb 1, 2010 | 0 comments

I have recently been commenting on the forthcoming publication of Civil Costs – Law and Practice, a new book by Dr Mark Friston. To give you some idea as to the scope and ambition of this book have a look at this sample chapter (external link).

This chapter deals with the important topic of contracts made away from solicitors’ places of business.  If this looks like a difficult and obscure subject that you can ignore, think again.  If a solicitor’s paperwork is not in order their bill will be unenforceable.  In the current edition of Claims Management magazine, Andrew Twambley, managing partner at Amelans, wrote: “Well, I have a word from the dark side – from the deepest annals of defendant burrows, from behind the largest rock – that an attack is imminent.  Mark my words, brace yourselves and hope you are not the ones chosen by them, to be the receivers of test litigation”.

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