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Jackson Review – Gaining support

By on Feb 25, 2010 | 0 comments

The big issue over the Jackson Review of Civil Litigation Costs is whether there is the political will to implement the proposals.  It appears that the Final Report is now starting to gain the political support it needs.

The Law Society Gazette reports: "The government and the opposition have hinted that they would implement some of Lord Justice Jackson’s recommendations on civil litigation costs, following the first parliamentary exchange on the judge’s report since its publication a month ago.  Justice secretary Jack Straw said: ‘Lord Justice Jackson’s proposals… are designed to reduce the costs of civil litigation overall. Those costs have risen too high, and that is a bar to proper access to justice.’ He said that the government is ‘actively assessing’ the proposals."

Dominic Regan, writing in the New Law Journal, says: "The greatest myth of the moment is that ‘Jackson will never happen’.  It will and soon."


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