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Posts made in March, 2011

New court fees

By on Mar 23, 2011 | 18 comments

Court fees are due to increase from 4 April 2011.  In addition to increases across the board, are increases to the fees for detailed assessment: (a) does not exceed £15,000 – £325 (b) exceeds £15,000 but does not exceed £50,000 – £655 (c) exceeds £50,000 but does not exceed £100,000 – £980 (d) exceeds £100,000 but does not exceed £150,000 – £1,310 (e) exceeds £150,000 but does not exceed £200,000 – £1,635 (f) exceeds £200,000 but does not exceed £300,000 – £2,455 (g) exceeds £300,000 but does not exceed £500,000 – £4,090 (h) exceeds £500,000 – £5,455 A link to the the full order can be found on the Court Fees section of Legal Costs Central, in addition to previous orders so you can make sure the correct amounts have been claimed in older bills. (Have you set Legal Costs Central as your homepage...

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Legal costs conference

By on Mar 22, 2011 | 1 comment

At any one time there are always a number of interesting upcoming legal costs conferences. Unfortunately, these often come at a fairly eye watering price. If I told you there was a full-day costs conference (5.5 CPD hours) in London with speakers including a number of specialist costs counsel such as Gordon Wignall, Simon Brown and Roger Mallalieu, with other prominent speakers including Kerry Underwood, Michael Bacon and David Marshall, you would expect a fairly hefty price. If I told you that the price was only £199 plus VAT you would probably agree this will be the best value paid for costs conference of the year. If I then told you that readers of the Legal Costs Blog can secure a £40 discount, bringing this down to £159 plus VAT, I would expect a mad dash for places. But you will have to be quick as the conference is on 31 March 2011 and places are limited. Full conference programme and booking details available here: Costs, Jackson, CFAs and ATE Insurance. Those of us costs lawyers who attended the Association of Costs Lawyers’ National Conference and who also attend this conference will have managed to meet our CPD requirements by the end of March.  After that we can put our feet up for the rest of the year and give no further thought to the...

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VAT Practice Notes

By on Mar 16, 2011 | 1 comment

Links to updated Law Society practice notes on VAT on disbursements and VAT increase to 20%, and Bar Council guide on VAT increase now available via the VAT section on Legal Costs Central.

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Costs Law forum

By on Mar 15, 2011 | 5 comments

I recently mentioned access to the Members’ Forum as being one of the benefits of membership of the Association of Costs Lawyers. This is, for obvious reasons, available only to members. Some readers may recall the excellent open forum that there used to be on the Costs Monkey website. Unfortunately, this has been down for several years. A reader of the Legal Costs Blog recently suggested I might set up a forum on the Blog. I did consider the possibility but was reluctant to lose what little is left of my spare time to yet more costs related activity by running such a forum. I have now had my attention drawn to an existing legal costs forum, open to all. As I’ve only just discovered it I’m assuming that I’m not the only one. So, if you are a non-ACL member and want an open legal costs forum, there it is: Costs Law...

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New Association of Costs Lawyers' Council member

By on Mar 14, 2011 | 13 comments

I spent much of Saturday being carried aloft by crowds of cheering costs lawyers following my surprise election to the Association of Costs Lawyers’ Council. The election as a whole was a surprisingly close run thing, with the voting suggesting a fairly wide, and possibly relatively evenly balanced, range of views amongst the membership about the future. Now that these differences have been fully aired, I am sure that the whole Council (with its new member) will shift the focus onto the common ground (and the differences have perhaps been overemphasised at the expense of overlooking the large amount of common ground). Although I will be but a single voice on the Council, I will strive to advance as many of my stated goals as possible. Over the weekend, and before the election results had been declared, a number of those attending the ACL National Conference informed me that I had received their vote. Various different reasons were given as to why I had received their votes, but they mainly boiled down to: “we’d rather have you on the inside pissing out than the outside pissing in”. I guess that’s the closest I’ll ever get to a ringing...

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