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Cook on Costs 2005

By on Dec 13, 2011 | 3 comments

I never knew my old legal costs text books could be so valuable.

I see someone is selling a used copy of Cook on Costs 2005 on Amazon for £637.51 (plus delivery).

[Update – I see they’ve dropped the price to £19.99 this morning. Just as I thought I was sitting on a goldmine.]

[Further update.  Seems to be holding its price elsewhere, although this looks like a different edition.]


  1. To be fair, it is a classic edition – the last one before the CFA Regs were scrapped…


    13th December 2011

  2. I paid £400 for mine on ebay about 3 weeks ago. Absolute Steal.

    Pete B

    13th December 2011

  3. What chance my attempt to sell Butterworths Costs Service and Cordery.

    “Dutifully updated but not consulted once in the last ten years”

    Andy Ellis

    29th December 2011

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