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Hourly rates for costs draftsmen

By on Apr 16, 2013 | 4 comments

I note the new Model Form of Bill of Costs gives the following example in relation to hourly rates:

“The claimant instructed E F & Co under a retainer which specifies the following hourly rates.

Partner – £217 per hour plus VAT
Assistant Solicitor – £192 per hour plus VAT
Other fee earners – £118 per hour plus VAT”

When it comes to the costs of drafting the Bill it gives:

“Engaged: Costs draftsman – 4 hours (at £110)”

Read what you like into the fact the hourly rate for the costs draftsman is below the “other fee earners” rate set in the retainer (although, by my maths, the total claimed works out at £120 per hour).


  1. Perhaps this can be used as persuasive authority in Detailed Assessment!

    Truly Eminent Costs Professional

    16th April 2013

  2. Whilst no doubt someone will write to the MOJ and allege breach of the Indemnity Principle and Mis-certification given the above error, plus the miscalculation of vat at item 31, the fact the “assistant solicitor” claims obvious Grade B Band 1 rates but was grade C throughout……

    shouldnt we, as professional draftsmen, be rather embarrassed and the quality and content of this bill which is being held out as the “Model” form of bill we should give to the legal profession??


    16th April 2013

  3. Well it is a “model” of many bills I see with calculation errors and level of fee earner claimed. 🙂


    16th April 2013

  4. Good thing the rate is not aligned with Grade C “since costs are a technical matter, and matters such as the operation of the indemnity principle need more experience than a Grade D fee earner is likely to possess”.

    Clearly a little too technical for our friend here.


    17th April 2013

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