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Given the current economic climate, the prices being charges by some legal training conference providers looks rather optimistic, but there is certainly some competition emerging in relation to pricing.

The IBC Solicitors’ Costs Conference 2010, on 26th January, is priced at between £599 and £799 depending on when you booked (with a 20% discount for ALCD members).  CLT’s Solicitors Costs Conference 2010, also on 26th January, is £395 for CLT subscribers, ALCD and APIL members or £495 otherwise.  This year they were, at one stage, offering a very attractive two for the price of one offer.  Butterworth’s Costs and Litigation Funding conference, at the end of last year, was priced at £499.  If you don’t mind a trip to Liverpool, the Liverpool Law Society’s Costs Conference, on 16th March 2010, looks very good value at £199 for members and £249 for non-members.

In light of the Jackson Report, many may be wondering whether they will still have a job working in the field of legal costs and may decide none of these are worth the time, let alone the money.

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  1. It is perhaps remarkable, that Jackson LJ, in his prposed reforms to seemingly flush the litigation system of all the "hangers on", did not mention his proposed eradication of those whom run and charge excessive amounts, for these endless conferences!!

    On another note, the Blog's author's continued pessimism for the costs profession is noted. Perhaps if he would care to share that with his clients and advise them there is no further point………….! I am sure there are many with less pessimism whom would be happy to act instead.

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