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Those who act for paying parties are no doubt familiar with the Law Society’s Find a solicitor (see link) site that enables a check to be done on when a solicitor qualified.  This is an invaluable tool for checking PQE and whether a fee earner therefore qualifies for a particular grade of hourly rate.

The ILEX website also has a directory (see link) but until relatively recently it did not give the date of qualification as a Fellow. It now does and is therefore another useful tool for paying parties to ensure they are not paying too much. 

2 thoughts on “ILEX Directory”

  1. I'm constantly surprised how many paying parties don't know how to use these directories properly. They often tell me that they can't find a solicitor's details in the registry, despite it being searchable by company name as well as solicitor name. It's not exactly difficult to search for all solicitors in a particular firm.

    There is also, of course, the Bar Directory on Legal Hub, which provides as similar way to verify a barrister's year of call.

  2. What we really need now, is a directory of all those other "fee-earners" , with no legal qualification, but when you ask a Claimant Negotiators, of course they have been doing the job for loads of years and have loads of experience, and of course they are at least Grade C, if not Grade B!
    True story. I once emplyed a chap, whom had 1 years experience of "damages negotiation" i.e. he would get on the phone and try and get an extra few hundred pounds out of a defendant on damages, when the client had already agreed to accept what was on the table. He wanted to be a draftsman. Lasted 6 months. He then turns up 6 months later as a "fee-earner" at a particular firm, and i am assured in Replies to PoDs he has 7 years experience of handling cases!! When I sent his cv across, suddenly my offer was accepted and my DA cost paid in full. I should have taken it before the Court really

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