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Jackson hung out to dry?

I had prepared a detailed post advising readers of the Legal Costs Blog which party they should vote for in the General Election. Unfortunately, due to a technical problem, the post did not appear. Readers will now have to wait for the next election before discovering my political views.

Professor Dominic Regan, in his blog, the day before the Election, wrote:

“I had a thoughtful note from Dominic Grieve QC last night. A Conservative administration is committed to serious costs reform and is interested in but not committed to the Jackson report. The Conservatives would move quite quickly on this.

Whatever happens tomorrow the reform of costs will not go away.”

So, where does the coalition leave the future of the Jackson Costs Report? Has a hung parliament left Jackson hung out to dry?

On Saturday, Regan posted an update confirming his view:

“The 219 distinct recommendations made by Sir Rupert Jackson are not going to be ignored by the new administration. … Reform will come.”

The political element was always the great unknown in the Jackson Report. At the moment, all bets are off.

Oh, OK then. My current prediction is the fixed costs proposals for fast track matters will make it through but not an end to recovery of additional liabilities.

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