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Personal injury claims rise

Recently I questioned the accuracy of the oft-repeated claim that the compensation culture was a myth.  The basis for this claim was the Better Regulation Task Force report on the “compensation culture” back in 2004 that reached this conclusion on the back of the fact that the number of claims was down.

Recent research has shown a 32% increase in the number of personal injury claims launched in the High Court between 2006 and 2008.  At the same time, the Association of British Insurers has said they have detected insurance fraud rose 17% between 2007 and 2008. 

Still a myth?

5 thoughts on “Personal injury claims rise”

  1. All research aside, I dont understand why people have been trying to deny it at all – it is plain for all to see that there is a compensation culture, and it is even plainer if you work in the industry in some capacity (if you’re being honest instead of adopting the ‘company line’). This has been the situation for a while now.

    But with adverts like we see in the media what do we expect? A client has to do nothing more than attend at an expert and maybe with his solicitor on a few occasions, and hey presto a cheque eventually appears in the post (more often than not). There are a host of professionals out there (be them solicitors or medical experts etc) willing to help claimants along the way because thay are making (or at least since 1999 have been making) a LOT of money out of it.

    I have seen (as i’m sure we all have) many fairly ridiculous claims, RTA, trips etc. The problem though is not the people who make the claims, or the people running the claims on their behalf; it is the legislation that allows such ridiculous claims to be even considered, that perpetuates the notion that SOMEONE MUST ALWAYS BE TO BLAME.

    I’m sorry but if you happen to trip over something on the street that you did not see, I would be far happier in a world where we just said “o well, bad luck silly me” and dealt with it, rather than pursuing the local Council for money (which is essentially funded by ourselves with tax) for a sprained ankle. Compensation claims should be reserved for genuine claims which warrent it. Unfortunately this is merely a pipe dream.

    To deny a compensation culture exists is simply ludicrous.

    rant over

  2. The so-called claim culture helps to keep the equilibrium. Otherwise the insurance companies would be making too much money.

  3. compensation culture – yes
    invigorated by Government – yes
    lauded by Insurers – yes
    Insurers have vested interest – yes

    the biggest refferral companies in the country are the Insurers. They also milk it in from the ATE market

    Poor Insurers complaining about the compensation culture – NO!

    media falling for the ploy – yes, as ever

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