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Welcome back from holiday

Many of you will now be returning from your holidays and going back to the legal costs grindstone.

For some of you it may not have been quite the dream holiday you had been hoping for (delayed flight, rubbish hotel, lost luggage, food poisoning, etc). If this sounds like your holiday console yourself with the fact that it could have been worse. Going through some old holiday photographs the other day I came across some from one memorable trip. Now, sensible people always make their excuses and rapidly leave when someone else suggests sharing their holiday photographs, but stick with me on this one.

To put these pictures into some context, we were close to our final destination (ironically, given what happened, the Venetian Lido).

The coach in the picture still had some useful holiday items on board, such as my passport, my wallet, my revision papers for an exam I was due to sit shortly after my return from holiday, etc.

And no, these are not outtakes from an episode of Only Fools and Horses.














Of course, I can laugh about it now.

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