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Legal Costs Blog – Who still reads this rubbish?

On a recent post were a number of comments from readers of the Legal Costs Blog.  One said that they preferred the Blog when it is “informative”.  Another responded by saying they preferred the Blog when it is “tongue in cheek and amusing”.

Frankly, I resent the suggestion that anything I write on the Blog is intended to be “informative”.

There are a growing number who subscribe directly to the Blog and receive this by email.  This gives me a chance to take a rough snapshot of the kind of readers it has.

A number of email addresses are private (eg @gmail or @hotmail) and so gave no clue.

Of the balance, the readers broke down on the following lines:

17.5% – claimant solicitors

20% – costs draftsmen

42.5% – defendant solicitors

5% – local or central government legal departments.

2.5% – journalists

7.5% – insurers

5% – self-insured bodies

Obviously, this is likely to be somewhat misleading.  A number who appear as defendant solicitors, for example, based on their email addresses may actually be in-house law costs draftsmen.  Further I suspect a slightly higher proportion of claimant representatives sneak a cheeky peak at the Blog but aren’t prepared to subscribe. 

I also know that there are a number of specialist costs counsel and costs judges who read this but don’t subscribe to receive it automatically. They are probably the ones who post the angry rants anonymously in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Legal Costs Blog – Who still reads this rubbish?”

  1. It’s a great way for your clients to make sure you are working hard. It’s certainly noted with delight that you are at your PC good and early. Gold star!

  2. Whilst we don’t always see eye to eye, I would like to register my thanks to Simon for the considerable work that he puts into writing this blog.

  3. I second Mr Friston on that. And actually, I find the comments illuminating as well. Including the anonymous ones (some people don’t like those, it seems, but it lets people speak freely in what is, after all, a very ‘political’ field). Many are informative, and all are illustrative. My, aren’t we a sunny bunch today?!

  4. Well as one who has a hotmail address Simon I am a costs draftsman with a predominately Claimant base although I do when instructed stray to the Defendant side of the fence. I like reading the blog as it affords an interesting if subjective view of the “enemy” mindset which is always useful in preparing for a fight

    Kevyn Thompson
    Abacus Legal Costs

  5. Are you sure you are a law costs draftsman, your figures add up to 100%

    Surely it should be
    Claimant solicitors – 42.5% as they consider many documents several times and I’m sure they reconsider your blog just as many times.

    Interesting that it’s only 20% for lcd or are you inferring that only 20% of this industry are really law costs draftsman.

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