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Hourly rates for libel lawyers

Geoffrey Bindman, ex-lawyer for Private Eye, writing in New Law Journal:

“My initial inexperience of libel law did not prove a disadvantage. Nor – contrary to the belief encouraged by a coterie of specialist libel lawyers who have built up a lucrative cottage industry – was it a difficult area of law. The key skill is negotiation, which is distinct from specialised knowledge of the subject.”

Unless evidence can be produced of higher overheads, no more than Guideline Hourly Rates appropriate for this type of work then?

3 thoughts on “Hourly rates for libel lawyers”

  1. how about expense of time calculations, geographical location of such firms etc

    why are Defendant costs draftsmen always obsessed with guideline hourly rates

  2. Im sorry talk about having your cake and stuffing it down your throat.

    Claimants will bang on about hourly rates when it suits them and will say the above when they want more than hourly rates.

  3. Libel rates recovered are lower than guideline City but a bit higher than Central London, irrespective of the City/Central divide. They are a bit lower then they were a couple of years ago if anything

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