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A wee bit of common sense

Comment appearing on Linkedin discussion forum concerning Jackson implementation:

“As a scots lawyer I am reluctant to intrude upon private grief but we have never had CFA’s in Scotland nor recoverable ATE premiums and the world has so far as I am aware from the increasing volume of claims from Scottish claimant solicitors, not yet come to an end.”

17 thoughts on “A wee bit of common sense”

  1. I’ve just been on a recently created recruitment website that deals solely with recruiting costs draftsmen. Funnily enough, there are no cost drafting jobs available in Scotland.

  2. Cockney Rebel

    It is not free. It is paid for by the stupid English.The reason there are few costs draftsmen in Scotland is that they cannot pass the entrance test. A Jimmy Shand record is played and they are told they must not move their feet.

  3. personally my comment was policital – ie what “services / entitlements” the scots get free as opposed to the english. In fact maybe even a touch of jealously in it too.

    As such I hope that was not aimed at me

  4. Cockney Rebel

    Earlier this month, David Cameron gave TWO BILLION POUNDS to Alex Salmond. Game, set and match,I think.

  5. Cockney Rebel

    So telling the truth, namely that our ersatz Tory PM recently gave two billion pounds to Scotland, is “shameful”?

    Free speech is a fragile flower.

  6. Cockney Rebel

    There was a Scots comedian called Chick Murray. He sadly died a few years ago.He had a very dry sense of humour and was loved by the Scots and English for the best part of 50 years.

    This was one of his favourite jokes which he told as he often appeared on the same bill as Jimmy Shand.I merely borrowed and altered it.

    For a definition of the word “joke” please consult your nearest dictionary as you obviously do not know what the word means.

  7. Cockney Rebel

    I am now bringing this thread to an end as I have to attend the re-opening of the Playboy Club. Naturally, I am only attending so that I can write an article from the feminist point of view for the Graudian.

    I am sure that Chick Murray would find it amusing to learn he was a “racist” for 50 years and never knew it!

    This thread demonstrates in a nutshell how a once great country has become a politically correct third rate province of the EU. Thank you Ted Heath.

    What does the future hold? Well, I seem to recall George Orwell wrote a book or two on the subject.

    Ms Polly Toynbee is 64.

  8. mr rebel, utterly pathetic. Chic was a scotsman, and entitled to address his audience on his own people. You, by contrast, are just ignorant

  9. Cockney Rebel

    Any fair minded person reading this thread will see that I have put forward reasoned arguments laced with humour whereas Mr Anonymous has resorted throughout to playground name calling which is typical of his ilk. I sit on the moral high ground king of all I survey knowing that in due course the good sense of the British people will prevail as it did with AV.

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