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I recently received the following exciting email from Lawyer Monthly magazine (never heard of it):

Lawyer Monthly Magazine

Legal Focus – UK – Costs Law

Dear Simon,

In the next edition of Lawyer Monthly, the Legal Focus editorial will be reporting on a number of key legal issues companies and organisations face relating to costs law within the UK.

Legal costs are a complex area of the law and it is constantly developing. As the profession of the costs draftsmen/lawyer evolves with current reforms, dealing with legal costs has become progressively more complex. The role of a costs lawyer has increased rights and responsibilities attached to it; a costs lawyer no longer deals predominantly with the task of preparing a calculation of legal costs but a lawyer now has the right to litigate on cost related matters and the right to an audience.

Costs lawyers are concerned with costs relating to all areas of the law and deal with every conceivable type of legal matter that touches upon the subject of costs. A costs lawyers’ skill is as essential to successful litigation as that of a solicitor or barrister, ensuring that their client’s potential risks are minimized and claimant solicitors are exposed to a dramatic cost risk if unsuccessful.

Lawyer Monthly will be delivering a feature on costs law, specifically focusing on the key legal challenges firms and organisations face and examining a number of key areas including:

• Overview of costs law and the role of a costs lawyer
• Developments in legislation
• The preparation of cost estimates
• Detailed assessment bills of costs
• Points of dispute
• The legal issues companies need to consider
• The role of a Costs Lawyer in commercial litigation

We are now seeking experienced professionals who practice in costs law to take part in this highly topical feature, commenting on the wider legal activity within this sector.

If you would like to take part two options are available.

Option 1 – £395.00GBP

1 x full page Q&A style interview discussing your practice area and your analysis of key sectors (max 400 words).

Option 2 – £495.00GBP

2 x full pages to include a Q&A style interview discussing your practice area and your analysis of key sectors (max 700 words).

In addition to your Q&A interview your personal or firm biography will be incorporated over 1/3 of a page, to include your logo, photograph and contact details.

Pricing structure:

If you would like to accept the proposal to become part of this feature, in the next edition of Lawyer Monthly magazine, then please contact me immediately.

Alternatively you can confirm your participation and entry by email confirmation, by replying to my email stating:

‘I confirm that I would like to participate in the feature under OPTION 1 at £395.00 GBP plus VAT where applicable’


‘I confirm that I would like to participate in the feature under OPTION 2 at £495.00 GBP plus VAT where applicable’

Upon confirmation, our Lawyer Monthly editorial team will be in contact with you to coordinate your response.

Kind Regards,
Chloë Tongue
Lawyer Monthly Magazine

I responded:

Dear Chloe,

I write further to your earlier email.

I currently write costs law related articles for a number of other legal publications including Costs Lawyer, Solicitors Journal, New Law Journal and Personal Injury Law Journal. However, it is always nice to be recognised as a leading authority on the subject by other legal publications.

Your proposed fee of £495 for a two-page article seems somewhat low for a writer of my status but, as a good will gesture, I am prepared to agree. If you can send a cheque for £495 plus VAT, made payable to “Gibbs Wyatt Stone” to the address below then, upon receipt, I will contact you to discuss further.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Gibbs

Strangely, I heard nothing further from them and can only assume there was a breakdown in communications. Hopefully they managed to find someone else to interview.

5 thoughts on “Leading authority on legal costs law”

  1. funny, I got the same invite, and I’ve never written for anyone – amazing how fame goes around without even needing a name 🙂

  2. You get paid over £495 for writing articles and I thought costs drafting was money for old rope. 🙂 Mmm I wonder if I could get any of my old narratives published, would welcome a new revenue stream.

  3. Simon, do you currently deal with commercial litigation costs? If not, it may be worth paying the fee to gain exposure, thereby attracting potential clients. Personal injury is obviously dying, and i am assuming this is your main area of expertise, unless i’m wrong?

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