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Death by a thousand cuts

Some people are “glass half full” types.  Some people are “glass half empty” types. Some people are “who nicked my bloody glass” types.  

Forget for the moment the other Jackson proposals and what impact they may have and just look at two forthcoming changes to the Costs Practice Direction:

• An end to lengthy points of dispute
• An almost complete end to replies

Then add in Jackson’s green light to rolling out provisional assessments across the country, effectively ending detailed assessment hearings for bills under £25,000.

This is before we even start to get to the heart of the Jackson reforms.

Death by a thousand cuts for many working in legal costs?

8 thoughts on “Death by a thousand cuts”

  1. Money down the drain for new ACL members. Signing up on the belief that only cost lawyers could be heard at detailed assessment! Can I get a refund? No chance. Don’t worry, you still get free access to the forum!

    I am not overly concerned for the future, my firm deals with 100% claimant PI work with 90% of files concluding without the need to even consider points of dispute never mind drafting points of replies. The new CPD changes will not reduce my turnover.

    Post Jackson – lets wait and see but firms will still require bills to be drafted and negotiated. I am confident in my own ability and I therefore believe I will survive. Worst case is I close my office, make staff redundant and go back to my kitchen table (which has a great view of the garden). I will easy find 35 hours billing and negotiating time a week at £118.00/£161.00 per hour plus VAT.

    Don’t read all the doom and gloom. Just remember work doesn’t find you.

  2. What about the free diary from the ACL, well worth the membership…..I agree Bills will still need doing and those who do the best Bills ie provide the best service to Claimant Solicitors (as far as the Claimant side of things go) will stay in business.

  3. perhaps it is just the case, that Simon, along with many other defendant-only organisations, is beginning to realise the consequences for himself ?

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