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Worth every penny

I have a further footnote to add to the Simcoe v Jacuzzi UK Group plc [2012] EWCA Civ 137 decision.

The Master of the Rolls, in his judgment, had expressed concerns that for a case which settled pre-trial for £12,750 the Claimant’s solicitors, Irwin Mitchell, had recovered nearly £75,000 by way of legal costs.

It has subsequently been reported that Mr Simcoe, the Claimant, was unaware of the level of costs paid to his lawyers. However, he was quick to rush to their defence. He was reported, in the press edition of The Telegraph, as saying:

“I had no idea it was that much. They didn’t tell me. It’s a lot more than me and I’m the one who got damaged for the rest of my life. It is a bit greedy to go back and claim interest.”

The Yorkshire Evening Post quoted him as saying:

“It seems very greedy to me – I’m the one who was left with permanent damage to my hand.”

I note Irwin Mitchell’s website has various quotes from previous clients, such as:

“Throughout my case, I had the peace of mind that one only experiences when matters are dealt with by absolute professionals. “, Daniel, London


“Your advice, support, knowledge and listening ear have always been very much appreciated by us both.”, Mike and Janet, York

Now they have got some more quotes to use.

On a similar subject, try typing “It is a bit greedy to go back and claim interest” into Google and see what advertisement pops up.

6 thoughts on “Worth every penny”

  1. they won. its as simple as that

    the defendant fought and so they have to pay. They seem to have accepted that fact given the level of damages that were agreed between the parties

    Mr Simcoe was no doubt on a CFA Lite and I am sure he would have been more agrieved if he had been asked to fund himself

    Now ask him the question if he would have chosen the above scenario or self finaced which would have probably taken at least circa £30 of the bill. Pretty sure I know the answer there

    Sorry smacks of more “defendant spin”

  2. Bit selective this?? What about the Judge’s comments as to satalite litigation – a dig at the Defendant no?

    But yeah, the Yorshire Post quote is clearly more important

  3. Is it not the reason for the reforms in PI costs where a client thas no idea how much he is being charged (and mostly does not care) as the real costs are “how much can we get away with”.

    No commercial pressure on hourly rates , ATE premiums etc

    Always knew costs were completely divorced from the real world.

  4. “how much can we get away with”

    or maybe …..

    how long will the Defendant continue to fight the claim until such point in time as the costs exceed the the value in dispute and then complain about the level of costs afterwards

    Did you see the rates, they werent earth shattering. Granted wasnt high value either but seems clear to me that a large proportion of the costs were probably incurred as a result of the Defence mounted

    Defendant’s fight claims, that what their solicitors are paid to do. They have to be seen to fight or what is the purposes of their involvement?

    As soon as the claim is fought then costs escalate

    It’s is the nature of the beast and quiet simply each side needs its other. That always seems to be forgotten on here

  5. I always like the ones, where a TPI alleges either LVI or a staged accident

    They then transfer instructions to a “specialist fraud team” at their (large) Panel solicitors, whom maintain the argument, and plead it in the Defence, then let the matter run to a week before Trial before settling for the £1500.00 it was always worth

    Guess the first Objection (after the usual witch-hunts for disclosure etc)!!

    But of course, we are just “greedy PI lawyers on no win no fee arrangements” sponging off the system

    I am so looking forward to the Defendants following up Mr Straw’s condemnation that “whiplash doesnt exist” and pleading that in defences 🙂

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