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Costs Lawyer qualifications

I note a recruitment advertisement in Costs Lawyer magazine from Practico seeking senior costs lawyers who have “Costs Lawyer or higher professional qualifications”.

Anyone fancy providing a hierarchy of legal qualifications?

4 thoughts on “Costs Lawyer qualifications”

  1. Another point I noted was that there was not one advertisement for a Costs Lawyer in the previous edition.

  2. Judge
    Legal Exec
    Costs Lawyer
    Costs Monkey

    NB: All having various sub-levels of authority.

  3. I would have thought that most in the legal profession could provide a list (although it may not be popular on this blog!)

    Solicitor Advocate
    Chartered Patent attorney
    Chartered Legal executive

    Then Costs Lawyers and Licensed conveyancers. However, LC’s are probably above costs lawyers as they have all passed examinations whereas there are costs lawyers practising who have never sat any examination or assessment.

  4. Law Graduate who obtained a pupillage.
    Law Graduate who obtained a training contract.
    Non Law Graduate who believe they are as good as a solicitor.
    Law Graduate who couldn’t get a pupillage or training contact and had to settle for costs. (And now at least they can tell their Mum that they are a “lawyer”.
    Everyone else who fell into costs.

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