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The truth behind the tweets

I haven’t been using Twitter much recently, but popped back the other day to see if anything interesting had been posted.

Although conventional tweets only allow for a limited number of characters per post (tweet), it is possible to insert short links to other parts of the internet to point readers in the direction of the full source of a story.

APIL recently posted a tweet saying:

“Whiplash is still too often the subject of negative headlines about insurance premiums, despite claims falling by almost 24k in past year.”

Sadly, they provided no link to the source of this information.

Given the Faculty of Actuaries has recently reported that despite the number of road traffic accidents being down by 11% in 2011 the number of personal injury claims during this period increased by 18%, the figures from APIL are surprising.

The figures produced by the Compensation Recovery Unit show the following:

Number of cases registered to Compensation Recovery Unit (Motor)
2011/12 828,489
2010/11 790,999

Settlements recorded by Compensation Recovery Unit (Motor)
2011/12 754,159
2010/11 659,671

Perhaps the answer is that APIL were referring specifically to the number of whiplash claims, and these have strangely fallen at exactly the same time that (presumably more serious) other RTA injury claims have increased. Perhaps not. APIL’s figures must have come from somewhere. Hopefully, next time they will provide a link to the source.

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