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Marketing and referral fees after Jackson

I’ve uploaded an article to the Costs Law Articles Archive first published in the Solicitors Journal on the issue of marketing and referral fees post-Jackson.

3 thoughts on “Marketing and referral fees after Jackson”

  1. This research is flawed in that defendant solicitors are now normally on discount agreements or otherwise so that they are entitled to the same hourly rate as claimant lawyers. The gap does not exist due to marketing costs, but due to the fact that Defendant Solicitors charge their client for every second of the day, and are not historically subject to the same scrutiny as that which the claimant lawyers are, whose bills are subject to detailed or summary assessment

  2. “Entitled to the same hourly rate as claimant lawyers”? The “same hourly rate” would only apply where the defendant obtains a positive costs order. How often do you think defendants obtain a positive costs order in their favour as opposed to claimants?

  3. Maybe they should pick the cases they fight a lot better then Simon? Then maybe costs wouldn’t spiral
    Then maybe we would stop stupid objections from defendant draftsmen that the case was so simple the office cat could run it and everything was disproportionate???

    But no, this is the real world

    And it got a LOT worse for us all because Insurers & Defendant Authorities got their own way on empty promises bough by stupid Government

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