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Court dress code

The Telegraph reports:

“In Blackpool, the heat on Friday had got to two young women who arrived at the magistrates court for a hearing. The women were refused entry because they were wearing only bikinis – not considered appropriate attire for a court.

‘Their dress option was inappropriate despite the heatwave,’ said a court spokesman. The women, both in their 20s, were turned away by security staff at the entrance and ordered to return more suitably dressed.”

I never knew Court dress code was so strict. That’s £4.49 on a mankini wasted.

6 thoughts on “Court dress code”

  1. I habitually turn up to Court in a mankini, they generally don’t mind as long as you are also wearing a ruffled collar and top hat.

  2. Oatcakes & Bacon

    I thought only costs lawyers were able to wear mankinis to Court, much like solicitor’s and barrister’s wigs/robes differing slighly?

    Are they costume protected?

  3. @Oatcakes & Bacon, you clearly haven’t been on a Costs Lawyers course, dresscode info given. Even lady Costs Lawyers have to wear mankinis, different colours for number of years of experience! :p

  4. Pete B – I wouldn’t call it comedy, more the expression of a psychological defect resulting from counting too many letters.

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