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Blow to novel charging arrangement

A US lawyer who was paid in oral sex has been suspended for a year.

The attorney’s client had been arrested and charged with drink driving. When she informed him she couldn’t afford his $1,000 fee estimate, he proposed an alternative fellatio-based fee arrangement. Unforeseen complications arose and he was therefore compelled to charge her twice more before the conclusion of the matter (highlighting the importance of proper costs budgeting). reports:

“He was also found guilty of not confirming his fee to his client in writing, thereby denying the world the best ever engagement letter.”

14 thoughts on “Blow to novel charging arrangement”

  1. Imagine if it had been a between the parties case. How would he have claimed his fee from the other side? Indemnity principle, and all that. LOL.

  2. More to the point how would the cd’s fee have been paid and what’s the difference between a grade 3 and grade 4 fee.

  3. I’m just waiting for the usual “greedy Claimant Lawyer” comment arising from him charging 3 times the original quote haha !

    Interesting how they don’t say what the “complications” were 😉

  4. I wonder who has the dirtiest mind – Costs Draftsman/Costs Lawyer?? Though clearly the comments here are very relevant to the circumstances of the case and may well be reasonable and proportionate!

  5. Costs Monkeywrench

    How would one set about drafting the actual bill of costs for this? Does 1 unit of time claimed equate to 6 minutes of oral sex?

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