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Power poses

The Telegraph has reported on research showing various poses that can boost your chance of a successful career. Apparently, feet up on the desk with hands behind head is one of the most powerful poses a person can adopt. Research suggests the effect of a strong pose such as this can linger even after a person returns to a more normal stance.

I’ll try this at the next detailed assessment hearing I attend and let you know how I get on.

8 thoughts on “Power poses”

  1. Charles Wheatcroft

    “I’ll try this at THE LAST detailed assessment hearing I attend”

    There, I’ve fixed that for you..

  2. PS Whilst not trying to start another CL -v- CD flame war, why is there a big banner advert for someone looking for a costs draftsman not a costs lawyer, above the posts?

  3. I’ve mentioned this before. Of the 15 jobs listed in the back of the Costs Lawyer Magazine, only one actually stipulates that the candidate must be a Costs Lawyer.

  4. A certain judge in Birkenhead County Court very much angered a Defendant at a first instance hearing of a costs case which ultimately went to the Court of Appeal by adopting this very pose during their submissions….

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