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Provisional assessment limit

I note the commentary to the White Book’s 2013 Cumulative First Supplement states, in relation to provisional assessment:

“The Civil Procedure Rule Committee decided that as from April 1, 2013 the rules should apply in England and Wales and that the monetary limit should be £75,000. There are two potential problems with this. One is that during the pilot scheme the number of bills lodged for assessment increased by 50 per cent because parties realised that they were able to test the water with a provisional assessment without running the risk of having to pay the costs of a detailed assessment hearing. … The second potential problem is the increase in the monetary limit which will catch far more bills than previously and if this leads to an increase in the number of bills lodged, as in the pilot scheme, it is likely to cause difficulties with workflow and the administrative work necessary to deal with the incoming papers. The Rule Committee has agreed to review these rules in due course.”

Who could have guessed this might cause a problem?

2 thoughts on “Provisional assessment limit”

  1. Truth is nobody was in favour of £75k it seemed to be plucked out of thin air.

    Bring in the original £25k far more realistic.

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