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5 spare units of time

The other morning on Radio 4 they were talking about what people would do if they could reclaim 30 minutes of their lives.

This is a thought provoking question and challenges one to focus on what one cares about and what is really important in life.

In our normal hectic lives so much of our time is wasted on the unimportant and trivial, but questioning what one would do with an extra 30 minutes helps to crystallise the things that really matter.

With the uncertainty created in the legal profession by the Jackson reforms there has probably never mean a more important time to think these things through. Life is precious and every moment should be lived to the full.

With my extra 30 minutes, I would probably check to see if I had any new text messages, update my Facebook status and possibly play another level of Angry Birds.

9 thoughts on “5 spare units of time”

  1. having seen your usual objections, I suggest you would spend it otherwise arguing that 30 minutes is excessive and disproportionate and maintaining that 12 minutes is sufficient…..

  2. Truly Elephant Costs Professional

    Those in the profession seem to be able to find an extra 30 minutes of time quite easily. Without prejudice, of course…

  3. Reminds me of the old joke, solicitor dies at the young age of forty five. When he gets to the pearly gates, he asks why he has been taken so young. St Peter looks at him and says, we’ve added up your billing hours and according to those you are eighty years old.

  4. If a number of Claimant solicitors got back the time they purportedly spent checking Bills of Costs they would need nappies.

  5. Pray. People are often too busy worrying about this life instead of preparing for the hereafter. As technically excellent as some of you are, how many of you have actually sat down and technically analysed the various religious doctrines to ascertain whether there is a God?

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