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Independent costs draftsmen's rights of audience

I note the Senior Courts Costs Office Guide 2013 explains:

“Independent costs draftsmen have no rights of audience as such but, by concession, are treated as if they are in the employ of the firm of solicitors or other legal representatives instructing them.”

I still don’t understand why they view it as a concession. Assuming they have been properly instructed, it is permitted under the Legal Services Act 2007. See: here.

5 thoughts on “Independent costs draftsmen's rights of audience”

  1. Money Money Money

    All members of the ACL are actively being encouraged to try to convince the court to not hear an unqualified costs draftsman.

    If successful, which they can be, the costs draftsman has to go back to his client and let them know and risk their relationship (probably lose the work).

    They also have to go home to their wife and 2.4 kids and tell them how their day went, whats for dinner, and whether they still afford to go to disneyland.

    Can this be right? Arent you ashamed of yourselves?

    No good can possibly come out of this. Its disgusting.

  2. Looks like Anonymous has changed his name.

    All intelligent costs draftsmen (ACL or not)read this blog. All they have to do is quote the above and book the flight to Disneyland. The 0.4 child will enable them to jump to the front of the queue.

  3. Money Money Money

    I agree – however, it depends who yyou are against,and which judge you have on the day.

    If you’re against costs counsel then you can forget about it as their word is taken for gospel – kind of like they are walking talking authorities in themselves, and they do not need to back anything up.

    Any costs counsel read this blog? We could always switch focus from stealing-food-from-kiddies-mouths-costs-lawyers to jumped-up-and-overrated-costs-counsel?

  4. I read that Cost Lawyers rights of audience doesnt extend to Cost Budget hearings – if this is correct, then surely it wont be long beforr in-house cost monkeys & / or cost counsel seek to reciprocate the ACL’s stance & seek to debar independent CL’s from dealing with CMH’s…

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