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Senior Court Costs Office renovations

The Senior Courts Costs Office (SCCO) is somewhat in a state of disruption, and will be for the next couple of months, with refurbishment works being undertaken to the Thomas More Building (TMB) at the RCJ. Apparently this is part of a planned refurbishment of the Royal Courts of Justice to accommodate the arrival of the Central London County Court (although rumour has it that asbestos was discovered in the building).

In any event, costs judges and costs officers on floors six to eight of the Thomas More Building have been moved around the building. The ACL has helpfully obtained a list showing the change in court rooms for the costs judges and costs officers for the period 10 March to 9 May when the refurbishment ends:

If you are attending the SCCO during this period, you should expect to appear in these court rooms rather than the ones set out on hearing notices previously sent to the parties.

Chief Master Hurst: From TMB 7.07 to court room 52 (1st floor, TMB)
Master O’Hare: From court 58 (7th floor) to court room 95 (5th floor)
Master Campbell: From court 59 (8th floor) to court room 56 (5th floor)
Master Simons: From court 57 (6th floor) to court room 93 (5th floor)
Master Gordon-Saker: From TMB 6.07 to court room 53 (2nd floor)
Master Haworth: From TMB 7.06 to court room 54 (3rd floor)
Master Leonard: From TMB 6.09 to court room 55 (4th floor)
Master Rowley: From TM 7.05 to court room 94 (5th floor)
Deputy Master’s room: From TM 6.11 to court room 91 (4th floor)

Costs Officers Lambert, Martin and Piggott will be on the 3rd and 4th floors:
Mr Lambert: From TM 6.05 to court room 89 (4th floor)
Mr Martin: From TM 8.06 to court room 88 (4th floor)
Mr Piggott: From TM 6.06 to court room 90 (4th floor)

The court staff will be on the 2nd floor; the Public Counter will be on the 3rd floor; and court rooms beginning with a 5 are in what is known as the ‘Stack’, in the corner of the TMB. Court rooms beginning with a 9 are in the main part of the building.

Allow yourself an extra 5 minutes to find the correct room.

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