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Predicting the future

Implementation of the Jackson reforms was predicted by many to mean a dramatic drop in claim numbers. The Access to Justice Action Group predicted “there will be at least 25% fewer claimants”.

Many scoffed at the idea the reforms would lead to a reduction in motor premiums.

To date there has apparently been no reduction in the number of new claims being notified or issued. The number of complex commercial litigation cases in the courts surged by 16% last year.

News emerges comprehensive motor insurance prices have fallen by around 19% in the last year.

We can no doubt expect a flurry of apologies for inaccurate predictions.

3 thoughts on “Predicting the future”

  1. thats just manipulation of statistics, Simon

    the “surge” in commercial cases, is explained by the fact these were already in the pipeline and emerging post financial meltdown a few years ago

    as for reduction in motor premiums? yeah, right! Anyone had their renewal quotes in recently???

  2. We all know that the only significant variable common to all plebs regarding car insurance in the whole wide British Isles is your post code.

    Do you think us monkeys really dictate anything to the insurance industry?

    More delusional Finchley thinking frankly.

  3. I also thought that the stock market had a large impact

    As I undertstand it, and I am sure I will be corrected, but considerable proportion of income will be derived from investment of funds received. If the markets are down then returns are lower, therefore premiums go up as there remains share holder dividends to pay etc

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