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Legal costs quiz

Are you a true legal costs geek, just take a passing interest in the subject or fall firmly into the costs monkey category?

Take our quick test to find out:

Question 1 – Do you prefer to read:

A. Costs Law Reports

B. The cost law case summaries on Litigation Futures

C. OK! magazine

Question 2 – Do you think the indemnity principle is:

A. More important than life itself

B. Probably an outdated legal concept that has outlived its usefulness

C. Uh?

Question 3 – Do you dream of:

A. Becoming a costs judge

B. Retiring to the country and spending your spare time fishing

C. Moving to California and becoming a porn star

Question 4 – The impact of Jackson will be:

A. A surge of inevitable satellite litigation around costs. Happy days are here again.

B. Will bring some much needed proportionality back into civil costs but has some worrying implications for access to justice in some areas.

C. Bad, although there’s no denying Billie Jean is a dancefloor classic.

Question 5 – What is the best way to spend a Saturday morning:

A. Attending the panel session of the Association of Costs Lawyer’s Annual Conference.

B. Browsing around flea markets looking for a bargain.

C. Still drunk from the night before.

Question 6 – What do you think of the Costs Wars:

A. They were a necessary evil to provide the required case law on the interpretation of the Access to Justice Act 1999

B. They were an unwelcome distraction in the litigation process generating unnecessary satellite litigation

C. Did George Lucas direct that one?

Question 7 – At night do you like to:

A. Curl up in an armchair with a copy of Friston’s Civil Costs – Law and Practice

B. Curl up on the sofa and watch a scary movie

C. Curl up in bed with a hooker

How did you answer?

Mainly As – Congratulations. You are a true costs geek. Admittedly, you probably have no friends or social life, but never let it be said that anyone knows more than you about the indemnity principle.

Mainly Bs – You would probably pass in public for a relatively well adjusted and normal individual. But you read the Legal Costs Blog. You’re a bit weird really.

Mainly Cs – Oh dear. You are one of life’s costs muppets.

3 thoughts on “Legal costs quiz”

  1. 3 A’s, 3B’s and 1 C…does this mean I am well adjusted costs geek who occasionally drinks too much on a Friday night?

  2. Money for Nothing

    Mostly B’s- Can I have a certificate confirming I’m a normal and well adjusted person please? It’ll help convince the folks that don’t belive me!!

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