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Costs Lawyer training programme

Discussing the new Costs Lawyer training scheme, in Costs Lawyer magazine, the ACL Council member for education, Claire Green, said:

“The new Costs Lawyer qualification teaches student that the court timetable is now sacrosanct”.

This was written pre-Denton and highlights the problem of trying to develop a training programme in an area of law that is in constant flux. Any training material based on Mitchell will already be out of date.

6 thoughts on “Costs Lawyer training programme”

  1. Grammatical error on your quote! Keep your full stops inside your quotation marks.

    If this blog post could be summed up any other way – I would remove the personalities and accuse you of doing nothing other than stating the obvious. As if any other area of the law does not suffer as much flux.

    New day of term – same old sniping!

    Must try harder…

    I do enjoy

  2. Also – are you saying the court timetable is now not sacrosanct? Missed that one if you are….

    Or has it now just become a procedural – and by extension another commercial opportunity for those who wish to make money out of, in the main very badly injured or distressed people.

    One thing is for sure – the arrival of claim management agencies and costs folk have certainly changed the terrain of English legal system.

  3. Simon, while you’re right that training material based on Mitchell is now out of date, anything that gets people complying with Court timetables is hardly a bad thing.

    Arguments over whether a breach is trivial (Mitchell), or serious (Denton), (or however else the judiciary wishes to word it) are surely best avoided by training young lawyers that it is best to simply avoid breaching CPR at all?

    The area of law may change, but one thing that shouldn’t be eroded by “constant flux” is common sense.

  4. I wish the ACL would mailshot their EXISTING CLowns, and tell them the “party line” is to comply with timetables. Getting thoroughly sick of chasing them, and then them whining about Applications to compel them to do something.

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