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Growth in legal costs work

Many costs firms appear to be busy expanding and recruiting. However, one recent comment on a post stated:

“I know of at least 6 north west cost drafting firms who are making redundancies.”

There is perhaps no mystery to these two apparently conflicting accounts at this stage in the post-Jackson cycle. Costs budgeting, etc has increased the need for experienced law costs draftsmen and Costs Lawyers for higher-end costs work where we have yet to see a significant reduction of work caused by other elements of the Jackson reforms. However, the impact of an expansion of fixed costs work at the lower-end should now have begun to kick-in and impact on work volumes for some firms. It is therefore perfectly possible that some firms are currently expanding at the same time as others are shrinking.

Is this an accurate summary of the current position?

11 thoughts on “Growth in legal costs work”

  1. Is is not the case that a lot of work has been generated by cases concluding on those rushed through before the end of March 2013? If Jackson’s proposal for fixed costs in multi track cases to the value of £250k gets accepted then it really is the end for the majority of cost people – The Jackapocalypse

  2. Northern Monkey

    I think that work has definitely increased in relation to budgets. If you look at some of the orders received- where composite summaries are required, joint schedules, breakdowns etc it is clearly the case that work has increased. However, as the previous poster says, if the fixed limit is increased to £250k then that will disappear in a puff of smoke. There seems to be a mix at the moment- optimism, and a slow, dawning realism that this optimism will be short lived. Some firms are actively soliciting their services- fixed fees for budgets and so on- no doubt a money spinner at this moment in time. But that might not last for very long. If fixed costs are introduced up to £250k there will be hardly any need at all for qualified costies apart from the specialised guys that can deal with large, expensive cases. But wasn’t that the plan?

  3. The cost crusader

    The current position is that those that are recruiting are either barmy or in the alternative have plans for global domination. Mr Gibbs prediction for the end of the (costs) world is shaping up, he just underestimated the length of time it would take. What did Nostradamus say again..

  4. whoever told you 6 NW firms are making redundancies, probably neglected to add, they are DEFENDANT firms
    Casually mention to any Recruiter you know about costs in the NW, and you’ll have a new best friend!
    The most unfortunate fact of Jackson, is that many CLowns tried to sweep up the market, and most decided to do so, by taking on Law Grads who couldn’t get into TC’s, paying them buttons and giving no training, but failing to point out the work they did, would disappear in 18 months
    Wonder if the ACL approved??

  5. I knew I shouldn’t have booked that holiday………especially when I have just been beaten to a £1m opposing job by a large firm quoting less than a third of what I would charge. And I have done 3 budgets in 18 months. Time to climb into the bath with an electric fan heater I think !

  6. Why is it that Judges who have made a fortune at the Bar have to screw it for the rest of us ?

    LJ Jackson was clueless in 2008 when this gradual demise of our profession started and he is just as clueless now !

  7. It is true that in the north west, claimants are ramping up and defendants are being cautious although dont know who is making redundancies but can see all the sheep following the pied piper. From this I think that we can determine a few undisputable facts.

    1) Those who are buying in to claimant approach that budgeting is novel and ground breaking are foolhardy (nothin more than glorified form filling that anyone can learn).

    2) This exposes those who are in it for the money and those who are in it for expertise/knowledge. Distressing to hear that people commanding more than £35k only need to have moved around to four or five different costs firms building earning potential but never actually achieving anything.

    3)When this all comes to a head, they will extend the fixed fees and get rid of the d/a process for most cases.

  8. NW Agents ad spotted today on Twitter

    “Senior” Draftsman in Manchester – £60k neg

    But when you read the job spec, it turns out they are after someone with “2 years experience” and able to draw bills, PODs, Replies and attend Detailed Assessments

    2 years???

  9. 2 x NW Recruitment Agencies urgently seeking costs draftsmen and negotiators for positions across the NW

    Strikes me, whomever the mystery blogger was who said 6 firms are making redundancies, really has his finger on the pulse hahaha !

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