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More Christmas drink recommendations

My second drink recommendation in the run up to Christmas is Ayala Brut Majeur NV Champagne. You might not have heard of Ayala but it is now owned by the same people who make Bollinger champagne. Ayala is the “house” champagne at Middle Temple and served at their special events.

Normally priced at £28.99 from Waitrose/Ocado. However, you can pick this up as low as £20.99 a bottle when purchasing a case of 6 from Spend a little bit more to get free delivery (otherwise £5.99 in addition per delivery).


4 thoughts on “More Christmas drink recommendations”

  1. If you keep posting drink recommendations other than meths, Jackson is going to think he can force through more fee cuts.

  2. Money for Nothing

    @Paul- Or you can get 24 cans of Tennents Super for around £25.00 from your local shop- one way to forget all about costs over the festive period. Subject to the Court approving the budget of course.

  3. Truly Eminent Costs Professional

    I recommend a 2 ltr bottle of white lighting and a 1 litre bottle of brandy, to be mixed in the same glass.

    Perfect secret santa gift for anyone involved in costs!!

  4. may I throw, a 75cl bottle of Buckfast fortified tonic wine into the hat? at a festively priced £1.00 per bottle in certain discerning areas, its certainly worth a small snifter

    admittedly, said small snifter, would wipe any memory (costs or otherwise) for several weeks, but nevertheless….

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