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Costs Judge vacancies

The Judicial Appointments Commission is advertising for three Costs Judges (two immediate, one future vacancy).

So far as I can work out, in light of the retirements of Master Hurst, Master Campbell and, presumably, another Master in the not too distant future, this will not represent an increase in overall numbers. On the other hand, at least cuts to the court service have not led to a decrease in numbers.

I note the position is open to solicitors and barristers but still not Costs Lawyers. The level of knowledge expected is high: “Detailed knowledge of the law of costs and its application is required and this will be assessed as part of the selection process for these roles. As well as requiring knowledge of all aspects of costs law, Costs Judges need a general knowledge of all other civil, family and criminal law.  Typical civil cases will involve such diverse areas of law as defamation, clinical negligence, planning, personal injury, commercial law or marine law.”

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  1. private secretary

    I notice that the three Cost Judges positions being advertised are not matched by a restoration of the lost posts of Costs Officers ( at a fraction of the cost )……3 posts have remained empty for 2 years

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