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Drafting Notice of Funding

I’m currently dealing with a case where the claimants’ solicitors were acting for three claimants arising out of the same incident. Same fee earner dealing with each claim.

Notices of Funding were prepared; one for each of the three claimants, all on the same date. Each claimant had the benefit of a CFA and an ATE policy. The dates of the three CFAs were identical. The dates and details of the three ATE polices were identical other than the policy numbers. To make matters easier, the policies were not staged. Other than the name of the claimant and the date of the ATE policy, each Notice of Funding was identical.

Would readers like to take a guess as to how long is being claimed for completing these three notices (which were, of course, just standard N251 forms)? The answer is higher than you might suppose.

Answer tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Drafting Notice of Funding”

  1. Well, they only take a few minutes each so I would think maybe two units, but since you say it is higher than we might expect, my official guess is 24 minutes.

    Do we get a prize?? 🙂

  2. Cash the Pigeon

    I’m going to go with… 1 hour 48 total.

    1 unit for slowly entering the prompt to generate the document, 2 units for filling in the requisite information, 1 unit for printing it off and 2 units for perfecting the signature on the form.


    Can’t rush perfection.

  3. It is irrelevant.

    Apparently, preparing Notices of Funding are costs of funding and are irrecoverable inter partes.

    Get with it Simon. 😉

  4. Redundant tomorrow

    I’m with Dom, 1 hour each.
    Also, to Melanie, it isn’t irrelevant, Simon needs to deduct this BEFORE he makes his first “standard percentage based reduction” offer! (Tongue in cheek)


  6. If its a certain firm from Peter Kay’s neck of the woods, given their expertise in all legal matters, minimum 1.8 hours “considering relevant details of clients selection, considering procedural requirements, noting risk on recovery and analysing file carefully to obtain correct details to ensure compliance, completing firms risk assessment to do so and notifying compliance officer accordingly, checking data and completing forms, checking same and analysing before signing, checking we have the clients authority to sign on their behalf”…..

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